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Tara Herrick, M.S.

Integrative Counseling & Therapy:

"Beata Moreno is an amazing healer. I had chronic pain and discomfort in my left shoulder for many years. I tried routine chiropractic adjustments which offered temporary relief, but the symptoms always returned. After one session with Beata I better understood what my body (and specifically my shoulder pain) was trying to tell me. Beata's approach to holistic physical therapy balances the science of conventional physical therapy with her intuition and her gifts as a healer. Thanks to her approach, my shoulder symptoms subsided. I highly recommend Beata to my friends and clients”.



Jennifer -Portland:


"I had a pain in my neck that was incredibly painful. There was no accident, or moment of injury, I just woke up one day and my neck was out. And it stayed out – despite chiropractors, and a very skilled physical therapist. Sure, they figured out I had a leg length difference, and one pelvic bone smaller than the other, but despite all treatment (including a ¾ inch lift in my shoe) my neck would just not stay in alignment. 

After several months of very little progress, the physical therapist I was seeing referred me to Beata. “This might be an emotional issue . . .” he offered gently. (And had I not been in so much pain, and desperate for help, I might have been offended.) “This is who I see when I get stuck and need some help,” my physical therapist said. “I think she can help you, too.” And he was right. 

I have come to believe that our bodies reflect our thoughts and emotions – and that my body was just “talking” (and talking, and talking!) to me until, with Beata's assistance, I became quiet and listened. Beata's kinesiology treatments have helped guide me into entering a more trusting and communicative relationship between my body and my feelings. See, I had been turning away from myself; my gifts, my life's purpose, and investing in a relationship that was not truly supporting my life. And though my mind was ignoring these things, my body could not. 

I am so grateful for the physical and emotional strength, flexibility, and awareness that Beata's work has brought to my life. I am truly blessed!”


continued from column 3 page 1:

As much as I went into treatment basing my ideas about healing on what my MRI's, X-rays and all the objective data suggested (and of course Beata considered this as well), what surprised me most was the way that healing, the means of it, became a profound mystery. I thought I had so many answers. I had worked in related medical and psychological counseling fields and I was familiar with energetic and spiritual healing. Yet, I am still in awe of the way Beata facilitated healing, at multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even generational. 


My treatment included kinesiology, cranial fluid dynamics, micro current, manual therapies, and various other techniques. Some blocks to healing required that observations and insights be talked through and understood, so that I could move beyond them, and at other times silence was the key. As much as I tend to be a cerebral person, who likes to analyze and organize information to fit neatly into an existing model of understanding, my healing journey with Beata took me beyond my own limited perspective into a larger realm where profound healing was possible. 


Much of my healing can be measured against objective standards. I now have a successful fusion in my neck. If you're not familiar with fusions, it becomes very unlikely, almost 2-years after surgery, to get a solid fusion, which is needed to stabilize the spine. I also have close to full-range of motion in my arms; measurably increased/good mobility in my neck; the absence of pain and the subsequent absence of a need for pain medication; and most remarkably, the lack of neuropathic symptoms and neuropathic pain, which had been the most difficult to endure. I now live a full life. I hike, I dance, I travel, I care for my child, I even love cleaning my own house! 


In my case, it was essential to not only address and treat very complex physical/anatomical issues, which demanded an extremely competent and skilled practitioner, in a traditional sense, but to also identify blocks that seemed to have impeded my healing, which existed on other levels of being. Other aspects of my healing are personal and may not resemble the requirements of someone else's healing, which is why it was so important to find someone who would tailor my healing to my own unique needs and circumstances. 


I am so grateful to have had Beata to help me navigate my way through a transformational healing journey. I have a second chance at life, which I am making the most of it!


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