Beata Alexander-Moreno, pt

A Testimonial

After 10 years of jaw pain I just assumed it was something I was just going to have to live with. It was at its worst when I was 17, at which point I could only open my mouth 60% of the way and was in serious pain all day. Since then I have seen an Osteopath, who got it to a "manageable" level, and several chiropractors that had little impact. I had never thought to see a physical therapist for TMJ, but when I heard another person talk about how Beata had cured their TMJ I made an appointment immediately. Within the first session I saw a huge decrease in my jaw pain and by the end of the third session I had full mobility of my jaw back."

- Brieanna, Portland


Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

Inner Dialogue Kinesiology is based on the principle that there is an innate wisdom within our bodies. Muscle testing, mudras, and reflective dialogue are used to help the brain reprogram habits of posture, gait and pain.

Ontology is the study of the course of events that have led a person to where they are today. Unresolved trauma, inherited patterns that are no longer useful, belief systems, and false identities that we derive from experiences in life - are all examples of what can affect how we stand, move, walk, how we digest our food, what our creative capacity is, what are our relationships are like in life, how our nervous systems respond to stress, and how our immune systems ward off disease.

This approach helps one to become aware of the possibilities of living a more fruitful life that is not based on pain and limitations, but more aware of ones true potential for well-being.

Developed by Solihin Thom, DO.