Beata Alexander-Moreno, pt

A Testimonial

After 10 years of jaw pain I just assumed it was something I was just going to have to live with. It was at its worst when I was 17, at which point I could only open my mouth 60% of the way and was in serious pain all day. Since then I have seen an Osteopath, who got it to a "manageable" level, and several chiropractors that had little impact. I had never thought to see a physical therapist for TMJ, but when I heard another person talk about how Beata had cured their TMJ I made an appointment immediately. Within the first session I saw a huge decrease in my jaw pain and by the end of the third session I had full mobility of my jaw back."

- Brieanna, Portland


Cranial Fluid Dynamics

Also known as Cranial Sacral Therapy, CFD has been in development by Osteopathic Doctors since the early 1900’s. The bones of the cranium (skull) are not fused (as is commonly thought) but are actually joints that have the capacity to move. The movement of these joints, although slight, is essential in order for space to be made for the new cerebro spinal fluid (CSF) to flow through the ventricles in the brain and eventually flow out to the rest of the body. Cranial Sacral Therapy gently and non-invasively restores (or at least improves) this essential mobility that has been lost due to recent and past trauma (even trauma from birth).

Cranial Sacral Therapy also helps to relax the membrane Dura Mater which covers the brain, spinal cord, and entire nervous system. This membrane is like a muscle in that it can contract and go into a spasm. Did you know that the Dura Mater has to stretch 4 to 6 inches in order for you to touch your toes?

As a treatment technique, CFD is used used to facilitate proper body alignment. The bones of the cranium actually mirror the alignment in the tailbone, pelvis and spine. Cranial Sacral Therapy can realign not only the bones of the skull, but the spine, pelvis and tailbone as well. It is gentle enough to be used on infants and elderly (and everyone else in-between).

  1. Benefits of Cranial Sacral Therapy/ CFD include:
  2. Re-alignment of the skeletal structure
  3. An increase in flexibility
  4. Released scar tissue
  5. An enhanced immune system
  6. A decrease in allergic states (by toxin elimination)
  7. Enhanced mental capacity (by improving the communication and integration of both sides of the brain)
  8. Improved posture and movement

CFD was developed by Solihin Thom, DO.

Beata has also studied Cranial Sacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute, Ray Hruby, DO FAAO, Ed Styles, DO, Steve Miles Davidson, DO, Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo, PhD, IMT,C.