Beata Alexander-Moreno, pt

A Testimonial

Who Benefits?

Photo of Beata Moreno

I'm most delighted in Beata's intuitive work with me. We've been using kinesiology, cranial-sacral work, and mudras to release old ancestral patterns that have me go back into old patterns of movement. The work here is to transform how my muscles hold my spine so I can find permanent relief from my chronic back pains.
I always come away from my sessions with Beata not only feeling pain relief, but I also feel lighter, aligned, and enlightened.

- C.J. Portland

Who Benefits?

Who benefits from this type of therapy?

• All trauma-induced injuries
  (from auto accidents to sports)

• All ages--infants through elderly

• Pain during and after pregnancy

• Developmental delay, colic

• Scoliosis, discs, and spinal stenosis

• Stroke, MS, CP, Parkinsons

• Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue

• TMJ dysfunction, chronic pain

• Migraines, headaches, vertigo

• Menstrual and hormonal disorders


• Attention Deficit Disorder

• Depression, anxiety disorders

• Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff

• Adhesions, scar tissue

• Allergies, skin disorders

• Bowel and bladder dysfunction

• All auto-immune disorders

• Cardiovascular disorders

• Asthma, respiratory problems

• Those seeking change